Metal Brown Weave
  • Metal Brown Weave

    The paper yarn wallcoverings are a stunning woven effect created by paper being cut into long, narrow ribbon-like strips which are twisted on a spinning wheel, then woven like silk or cotton, traditionally on a handloom (now manufactured using machinery). For the warp and the weft of this paper fabric, there are cases in which silk or cotton is used for the warp but when woven there is little difference from ordinary cloth.
    These wonderful wallcoverings are wide-width and sold by the linear metre. Please note that the wallpaper is £35 PER METRE and if you wish to purchase a full roll it is 18m long (except the Black woven which is only 14M long). Full fitting instructions are provided with the wallpaper. Please ensure that an experienced decorator is used to hang the paper. No responsibility can be taken by us once the paper has been cut.